Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good News!

"When the prayers go up, The blessings come down"

Hey Readers!

So, there has been, yet another, change of plans. I won't be running this weekend at Florida State and I won't be running next weekend at Auburn, instead I'll be heading south to Jamaica! I'm going to be running in Kingston on the 16th!!! My agent set it up, so a few of my training partners and I are going. I'm super excited, I've never been to Jamaica before and I feel like this is my first leap into being a professional athlete. Although, it's not my first race as a professional, it is my first race as a professional in my respective events and my first international meet as a professional. I've run in Canada a few times when I was in High School being from Michigan and Windsor being 30 minutes from my house. I'm really excited to see the island and even though I won't be in the tourist part of the island, I'm still pumped about the experience! Hopefully I run well :) Thanks for reading! Ttyl

Oh yea, my brother just had another baby boy yesterday!!! His name is Jeremiah and he's super cute :) P.s. I went to the doctor today for a check up and I weigh 129 now ohhh yeaa get yo weight up lol

Monday, April 4, 2011

Change of Plans

"If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans."
~Woody Allen

Hey guys,

There has been a change of plans. So, I will be running this weekend after all. I'll be heading down to Florida State and running the 400 hurdles! Wish me luck. :o) Ttyl.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


First you jump off the cliff and you build wings on the way down.
~ Ray Bradbury

Hey Everyone,

So, I had my first professional meet this weekend! I ran the open 400, it was... different. Lol. I haven't ran an open 400 since High School so I had no idea what my time would be like. It is definitely a completely different race from the 400 hurdles. I finished running 53.7 and like I have said in previous post I was only hoping to run 53 something (53 low would've been nice but hey *shrug*). I ran at the Auburn University and they have a great 9 lane track. Their campus is huge and it took me a while to find the track, the people I asked didn't really give me a good description of where the track was ... which was basically hidden. Lol. One of my training partners, Monica Hargrove, came down to support me! It was nice having someone in the stands cheering for me.

Now, more of a break down of what I was thinking pre-race, during the race, and post-race.

I was so excited not to wear a Howard, Romulus, or Michigan Accelerators uniform. Lol. My roommate, Monica, had given me some uniforms and warm-up gear (How sweet <3). I decided to run in a USA uniform. I did feel like it was a little bold of me but at the same time I felt like it was me making a statement to myself and trying to make it a reality. I had a good warm up and my body was feeling pretty good, no aches, no pains, just nice, smooth running. I was a little nervous of course but confident that I would run well. It was different not being surrounded by teammates. Before I knew it, it was time to go to the bull-pin.

I was ready, I knew I was ready and I just kept thinking about my race plan. It was time to get into the blocks and of course I was saying my prayers like I always do before I run. The first start was a dud and we were told to stand up. Every runner hates that! But you always have to shake it off and remain focused. The second start was good. And I was off, attacking the curve like I had been practicing and I actually had a pretty decent start. My start has always been a major weakness in all of my races. My back straight away was not so great tho and I found myself running next to the girl who was in the inside lane of me (Lane 5, definitely not a good look). Somewhere in there I zoned out and for about 150/200 meters I was in coast mode for some odd reason O.o When I finally remembered/realized what was going on lol it was around the 250/300 mark and I was tired and was about ready to stop running. LOL. But coming out of the curve I realized that first place was way up yonder and third place was almost at my side. So, I snapped out of it and started hitting the gas! I took a deep breath so I could gain control of my body and started pushing it. Before I knew it I was on the first place girls heels and I knew I could take her! .................. Not so much, Lol. Unlike in college, I just couldn't manage to pass her :( and according to Monica (Even though it didn't feel like it) I ended up walking across the line. :/ I finished 53.79 and she finished 53.69 (Apparently, according to Monica I leaned backwards at the line instead of forward :/ Lmao!).

I think my race was good for the first race and my shaking off all the cobb webs. I know I could've ran faster if I would have executed the race better and didn't hit cruise control. But I like the way I'm starting off the year, a nice solid base. I also realized why I am a hurdler. Open races are not for me! Lol. The 400 hurdles is definitely easier than the open. In the hurdles you can gain momentum and it's easier to be aggressive the entire race because... well ... you have something to attack. I do love my hurdles. =)

Well, in two weeks I am suppose to be opening up in my 400 hurdle race! Hopefully I can run 56 low! This race definitely gave me the confidence I needed to go into my next race. Thanks for reading, talk to you soon :)

P.s. I went to church today! It was a great service. I wish I could go more often but I work on Sundays and I have trouble waking up for the 8am service :/ Today someone asked for my morning shift so I made sure I took my butt to church. All glory given to the Lord!