Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Chapter

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish but you only spend it once.
-Lillian Dickson

Hey Everyone!

I know a lot of you are wondering how I am doing and what I've been up to and most importantly how the beginning of my new life is coming along. Well let's begin with the last month or so. I suffered a terrible loss. My grandfather passed away about a month ago and I was really effected by it. My family is really close to our grandparents they have been such great influences in my brothers, sisters, and I lives. I remember last semester I made sure to call my grandparents every week just to check on them. I'm glad my grandfather died of natural causes it gives me peace that it was just his time.

Enough of the sad stuff... I'm down here in Georgia, not too far from Hotlanta! I stay in Marietta. I found a place like the second day I was here. My Agent (it's so cool to say that) set me up in a house with other track people. I live with two guys and one girl , it's funny because I actually live with my coach, our assistant, and a 400 runner. I have what I like to call the Pimp Suite! I pay a little more but I basically have my own apartment and share a kitchen. When I fix it up I'll put up pics. I have a walk-in closet, bath with separate shower/bath plus little room for the toilet and double sink, a huge bedroom and another office room that I'll transform into something else. The rest of the house is really nice too. It has an open kitchen with a small island and a dinning room, family room and an office room on the first floor.

Practice started last week but I went to DC to get my stuff. I spent a great week in DC. Seeing friends and teammates and freshies. I really enjoyed being back in the city that taught me so much about life. I learned how to be an adult there. I wished I could've stayed longer but at the same time I was ready to leave. While I was there I think I touched a lot of people tho :o) it was nice.

So, I started practice this week. The first chapter of a new adventure. I was scared and not looking forward to the first day back. Since I hadn't been doing much but eating and getting fat lol but it wasn't that bad. So far (of two days lol) the workouts aren't really that hard, it's the warm ups that kill me! Our warm ups are soooo long and sooooo much! I have always been against warm ups and these hour long workout warm ups are killing me. It's like do random exercise such as squats, push ups, hurdle rocks, then run 50 meters, repeat with other random exercise. By the time we are done with the warm up I'm worn out! lol Currently, I'm in the sore stage but that doesn't really bother me. I figure I'm working muscles that are getting stronger and Lord knows I need strength (since I skipped out on that part of track lol). Weight room doesn't start until November! I'm happy about that.

I love the professional atmosphere! Everyone is older than me, so I'm like the youngin. Right now the group is small and a lot of the people haven't started yet. So, it's nice to be with a small focused group and a coach and assistant coach who gives everyone a lot of attention. I don't complain (out loud lol) about anything. I just do it and smile at the end. Unlike in college when everything was a negotiation, I miss those days.

I explored the city a little and loved it! I'm definitely going to get out more once I get settled. I wish I knew more people down here but I guess this is a perfect opportunity to make friends :o) I'm currently looking for a job. I'm at this temp agency now. I told them I was training for the Olympics and the two ladies got extra excited. In there office they have a lot of posters of famous runners with quotes. It's awesomely weird to say "I'm training for the Olympics" but hey that's my life lol

Well that's the update for now... thanks for reading... ttyl

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Be On It, If You Want Me You Can Find Me In The AAAAAA

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
- Eleanor Roosevelt

So, it's getting closer to the big move date and soon I'll be in Atlanta Atl chillin lol. To say the least I'm excited!! I'm leaving Michigan on Saturday after a whole 5 weeks stay. It really wasn't that bad and honestly I really just started to know the city. Being under 21 the city is pretty much a L but when you're over 21 it's really not that bad. I had fun with friends, hitting up a few of the hot spots, exploring the city, bonding with my family, and relaxing. I guess it wouldn't be that bad living here :shrug:.

I've been working out doing distance work and I feel like by time I start training I'm probably going to be out of shape lol. I hate base work and it's hard for me to keep up with it. I don't know how people can run for miles and miles and miles I hate it. Lol But I'm excited about what's to come! Living in Atlanta with my own one bedroom apartment, training and working and soon going to school! My life is really just starting :o) I hope I like it down there, if not, I'll make another big move lol

The reason why I'm moving down there early is because I was accepted into this AmeriCorps program called Gulfsouth Youth Action: Operation Reach. I'll be working with kids and giving back to the Community so I'm pretty excited about it. I always wanted to do a community service type of program but I never had the time. We'll see how this program goes.

I'm so happy that Summer is basically over and Fall is here! It's my favorite season!!! I love the fashion of fall, the colors that the trees change, the cool weather, and just everything!!! I'm extra thirsty for it to be officially fall =)

Well I can't think of anything else so I guess I'll keep you posted about the big move!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Running By Faith

“What God Has For You Is For You”

“Nothing can stop the man (woman) with the right mental attitude from achieving his (her) goals; nothing on earth can help the man (woman) with the wrong mental attitude.” -Thomas Jefferson

Greetings Bloggers,

Once again I’ve been gone for while but a lot has been going on. I’ll try to be better with updates and every now and then a video blog (because it’s much easier to talk then to type lol). Anyways let’s see where to start.

My season ended pretty well not as great as I would have liked but I’m not complaining. I made it to Nationals but didn’t do too well. I hit the third hurdle and didn’t make it to the finals and had the worst placing at Nationals that I’ve ever had (17th) but at least I was there! =) I also made it to USA Nationals and made it to the prelims! I placed 14th! The wind was blowing extra hard so my time wasn’t good but no one’s time was that great. The wind was 2.7 and 2.9!!! And I’m wayyy too little to run into that kind of wind! I def need to hit the weight room! Lol

This summer was interesting. I got a job working at Washington Sports Club, a gym in Washington, DC. The job was cool but the pay was wack and I worked from 5:30am until 1pm. Then my hours started getting cut so it went to 12pm and then right before I left 11am. So, I wasn’t making that much money and I was waking up before the sun, literally! I didn’t really care for the job but some money is better than none. I also took a trip to New York to visit a friend! I didn’t really like the city tho :/ I think I’m going to have to go back when I have a lot of money and time to blow and really see what it’s all about! I was phoneless for most of July but it was kind of nice not being connected to the World lol

Well, currently I’m no longer in DC I’m back home in boring old Michigan. My family and I decided it would be best for me to come home for a while before I make my big move! I’m excited about moving down to Atlanta and I’m currently looking for employment, housing, and different programs I might be able to get into, once everything is set in stone I’ll give you guys an update.

I found a coach down in Atlanta to train me! I’m really excited about the program because it’s focus is exactly what I’m lacking. I’m training down with Rana Reider, we haven’t worked out all the details yet but everything is a go! His camp focuses on strength and conditioning, the exact two things I’ve been avoiding my whole track career. Lol. Even in high school I was M.I.A. when it came to weight room lol. I guess it’s time to get to business :o) Anyways, I think his program will be good for me and with those two very important things I think I can be great!

I also just found this program called Sponsor An Athlete. It’s really good for accepting Donations and Sponsorships for Post-Collegiate athletes. So if anybody wants to make a donation to me just go to the website: www.sponsorathlete.net my information should be up there soon!

I talked to my father on my bday and he was telling me about trusting in God and doing things by faith without fear, knowing that God has everything handled that’s how you move mountains! I took that conversation and I’ve really been thinking on it and from now on I’ll be running by faith. Having no fear when I approach the starting line and know “what God has for me is for me!” I did it when I pr’d at Regional’s! I felt like something was within me that was greater than me and I did great! So, I’m just going to keep thinking, believing, and trusting that! Also, I’ve been on this positive energy thing as of late and every since a lot of positive things have been happening for/to me. I’ve just really been washing the negativity out of my thoughts and focusing on the positive. I feel with the combination of both of these things, only great things are to come!

So pretty much right everything I do is geared towards the big move! Hotlanta here I come! =D

Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Been Forever, I Know

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally." - David Frost

I know it's been a very long time but I've been so busy. So I guess I can give somewhat of a brief summary of the last five months. *Sigh* Here it goes...

I didn't make it to Indoor Nationals but I did make it to USA Indoor. It was amazing! It made me see and feel that the Professional Track and Field environment is where I belong. I was surrounded by an elite group of runners and I felt as if I was in the right place. I, unfortunately, did not do well at the meet but that was okay. New Mexico was beautiful the mountians didn't even look real, it was really clean and everything looked like a post card. And that's how I ended my indoor season.

For Spring Break this year we didn't have a meet both weekends, just the second! So, this year about 11 of us on the track team went to THE BAHAMAS! My mom really came through with paying for me to go! And it was nothing short of AMAZING! The water was beautiful, the Island was beautiful, the people were ... not so beautiful LMAO! I really bonded with my teammates and I take SOOOOO many memories and inside jokes away with me from that experience!

As for my Outdoor track season, everything has been kind of shakey. I only ran in four meets during the season. And the times weren't as great as I wanted them to be. I wanted to run blazing times throughout the season to create a buzz around me but as always I ran okay times and there was zero buzz lol But I was running faster than I normally run during the season so I knew by the end I would P.R. something big!

I graduated from Howard University! I didn't get to attend graduation though, I was at MEAC Conference Championships instead :/ I was never big on graduation ceremonies anyway I was just sad I couldn't party with my class one last time. On a brighter note, I finally became MEAC Champion in the 100 hurdles! And I held my title for the 3 time Champion in the 400 hurdles. I fell in the 400 hurdles prelims, picked myself up and came in second qualifying for the finals with a time of 1:01. I came back the next day and won the event!

Regionals was this past weekend! I ran both the 100 hurdles and the 400 hurdles. Prior to Regionals I decided which hurdles I wanted to run professionally. I decided on the 100 hurdles, I don't want to run both because I really want to focus and not have so much stress on my body. The reason why I picked the shorts is because I know nothing about the 400 hurdles, nor do I have the same passion for them, at least not the amount of passion it takes to actually train for them. Anyways, at regionals I made it to the quarterfinals in the 400 hurdles but didn't make it to Nationals. I was running in line 1 and no matter how I got out I ended up on my left leg... which ruined the whole first half of my race.

In the 100 hurdles, I p.r.'d something big! 13.18 in the prelims and 13.20 (13.198) in the quarterfinals. I barely made it to Nationals! Each region takes top 12 and I had the 12th spot! These were the times for the 11th through 14th places, 11. 13.197, 12. 13.198, 13. 13.200, 14. 13.200 ... needless to say it was very close! So, I'm off to Nationals next week in Oregon! Running that time felt AMAZING! Before I ran I felt like I had something in me just wanting to explode! I was in line 1 heat 2 and when the gun went off I blasted to the first hurdle. I came in second in my heat and the girl that won was in line 5... it really felt like I was by myself the whole race, I even got a shoutout from the Announcer lol I can't really remember the race though I only remember getting out and half way through forcing my lead leg a little faster. My splits between the hurdles were crazy. In the quarterfinals I felt really good especially since I ran almost the same time! Consistance is great!

Well that's all folks... 5 months in a very breif summary! I'm going to try and keep you updated! Ttyl

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Road to Nationals

"The greatest thing in the World is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving"

-Oliver Holmes

Greetings Bloggers!

I know, I know it's been a while but it's been a crazy couple of weeks! 2 track meets and one horrible week! Let's see, last week I was sick, washed my phone, left my purse at the hotel, and had a friend stay with me. Being sick with a friend staying with you is NOT the business! But we made it work. Lol. I also got a new computer! HP with a built in video camera and speakers! I like it, it's def an upgrade!

Moving on to the track meets... I had a track meet at Virginia Tech and Penn State these last two weeks. These are the two biggest meets of the season. They are really good meets for me because I run against the 2 fastest hurdles in the Nation right now, so competition is def there! And I tend to do well with competition.

Virginia Tech

I guess I'll start with the V-tech meet since it was first. I was feeling pretty good. I pr'd in the prelims of the 60 meter hurdles by .01! I felt some kind of way! How am I only going to p.r. by .01! I ran 8.41. Lol. I was happy though because me running that fast in the prelims only meant good things for the finals, right? Wrong. I ran 8.51 in the finals. I hit the back of my caff with my trail leg. But it was kool. I still placed 3rd. =) And I had high hopes of dropping my time. I also ran the 200, I won my heat with a time of 24.53 and placed 6th overall! I had given up on the 200, thinking I would never be fast in it but now I'm starting to rethink it. I'm currently ranked number 55 in the Nation in it with a time of 24.39 and I ran that at the very first meet of the season. Maybe if I gave it a chance I can be alright in it.... Hmmm... Moving on. I also ran the 4x4. I ran about a 55/56 our relay ran 3:49. It was an okay race but my ham wasn't really feeling it.

Penn State

Penn State is a really exciting meet! 3 rounds of the 60 hurdles on a fast track! It's like heaven! Lol. I only ran the 60 hurdles and the 4x4 this meet. The first round of the 60 hurdles I pr'd again by .01 AGAIN!!! I was sooo blown!!! Like what THEE heck! If I don't break 8.4 I'm going to go crazy!!!! I ran 8.40! Once again I was excited because I had 2 more rounds and I was going into the simi's with the 4th fastest time. I've never made it to the finals (that I can recall) at Penn State, so running a pr in the prelims was really cool. The second round I was right next to the girl who has the fastest time in the Nation right now, so I knew I needed to MOVE! And let her pull me under the 8.4 mark I made in the simi's. And that's exactly what I did! I ran 8.32! Now that is a p.r.!!!! Lol Almost in the 8.2's!!! I figure I need to run at least an 8.27 in order to make it to Nationals. So, I was extra excited! One more round left too and I was going into the finals with the 4th fastest time. In the finals I only ran a 8.35 now my second fastest time. I finished 4th at the meet. Currently my ranking is 13 in the Nation! Which is great because they only take the top 16 to Nationals! But we have a whole month until Nationals so right now I'm just trying to hold on to my spot! And drop my time to at least a 8.27. I know I can do it because last week I was soooo sick! I was still sick at the track meet and p.r.'d so I can only go down from here! =)
Our 4x4 ran 3:47.1!!! I think that's the fastest we have ever run indoor (since I've been at Howard) I'm really excited to see what we can do! Because we won our heat and I was chillin on my leg. Hopefully we can win our conference meet! My leg went 54/55.

If you are interested in seeing the races they are on my facebook page links!

Well that's all I can think of right now! Thanks for reading! Ttyl

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Waking Up... Busy Bee

"If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention!"

-Sister Mary Clarence

Hello Bloggers!!! I know, I know it's been a long time!!!! But my computer is currently broken and I plan to get a new one within the next couple of days!! :o) How have you guys been??? Do tell! Lol. Me? Well, let me start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR and MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! Lol. Good stuff has been going on. I'm in the final stretch of my undergraduate career. 17 credits away!!! I'm taking 18 though. Let's see... this semester has 18 credits, a part time job, a internship, and a track season, in store!! Yay!! Lol Let's start with the 18 credits.

This semester my schedule is crazy but my classes are fairly easy. Only 3 (9 credits) real classes. The other 9 credits are ... blow offs ... kind of. Lol. I'm talking swim, health science, and golf. 3 P.E.'s that I need in order to graduate. My golf instructor told us that class starts March 1st! For the Win!!! Lol. My swim teacher is very, very nice... I took the easiest one. Lol. I'm soo afraid of deep water! Then I'm taking a 3 credit internship class, all we do is write a paper and get a letter from our supervisor. My next class is Humanities. The professor just wants you to buy his books and show them at the test. This class is actually during my internship. Lol. So I'm just going to go for the test! There are like 3. My 3 hard classes are Spanish 4, Judicial Process, and American Presidency. My Judicial Process Professor is extra kool. =) I took him before. Spanish is going to be a struggle because I know NOTHING!! But I'm going to try to learn really fast lol. And American Presidency is about to be an L... He is about to have us doing a lot for no reason, smh. So, those are my classes.

Today is the first day of my internship! I think I'm going to like it. The people are really nice! It reminds of my job at Romulus City Hall... only with Internet!!! lol Anyways I work here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and some Fridays (when don't have track meets). I'm starting to feel like a grown up. Lol. Now if only it was a paid internship! Lol. But I need the experience. =)

I'm currently looking for a part time job that I can have during Monday and Wednesday nights from 6- 12pm. I was thinking about being a lobby monitor again but I really don't feel like working at the Towers again, especially since I don't live their anymore. I was also looking into a valet job. That seems like easy money, plus madd tips! And I might even work on Sundays. Idk yet but I need to get a job ASAP!

Now TRACK!!! I know you've all been waiting for it ;o) We had a track meet this past weekend. I did ... decent. I only ran the 60 hurdles and the 4x4. The first race of the 60 hurdles I did ... ugh. Lol I ran a 8.65. Faster than the first race at the first meet but I am not trying to see above 8.5 ever again! Lol. In the finals, I ran a 8.47. Eh. It was okay but I'll take it. I didn't get a chance to go over hurdles all break so, it'll take a few races and practice to get back in the swing of things but I'm not too far off from where I was. In the 4x4, I split a 55. Which is pretty good! Especially just coming back from break. Our fourth leg fell right before the line so we don't really know what our time was. But it was a REALLY good race. My hamstring is tweaking a little bit, so I think I'm going to take the week off. I've been in rehab all week but the trainer says I'm good ... just entirely TOO sore and need to relax and lay off the running for a little bit. My ham is already feeling better too!=) Not 100, like 95. By next week it'll be 100. but I'm going to keep doing my rehab exercises as well as practice. So, really random. Remember at the first meet I ran 24.89 in the 200. Well apparently, NCAA converted the time because it wasn't on a bank track and it turns out, the converted it to a 24.39!!! I've never run anything close to that before!!! LOL And now I'm ranked like #3 in the 200!! Wth! Soooo random haha

In regards of the quote, I want to go somewhere and be somebody!!! So I'm paying attention and doing what I have to do ... GRINDING!!!

Anyways, that's everything... basically. Catch you on the fly. Thanks for reading =)