Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good News!

"When the prayers go up, The blessings come down"

Hey Readers!

So, there has been, yet another, change of plans. I won't be running this weekend at Florida State and I won't be running next weekend at Auburn, instead I'll be heading south to Jamaica! I'm going to be running in Kingston on the 16th!!! My agent set it up, so a few of my training partners and I are going. I'm super excited, I've never been to Jamaica before and I feel like this is my first leap into being a professional athlete. Although, it's not my first race as a professional, it is my first race as a professional in my respective events and my first international meet as a professional. I've run in Canada a few times when I was in High School being from Michigan and Windsor being 30 minutes from my house. I'm really excited to see the island and even though I won't be in the tourist part of the island, I'm still pumped about the experience! Hopefully I run well :) Thanks for reading! Ttyl

Oh yea, my brother just had another baby boy yesterday!!! His name is Jeremiah and he's super cute :) P.s. I went to the doctor today for a check up and I weigh 129 now ohhh yeaa get yo weight up lol

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