Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A New Chapter

Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish but you only spend it once.
-Lillian Dickson

Hey Everyone!

I know a lot of you are wondering how I am doing and what I've been up to and most importantly how the beginning of my new life is coming along. Well let's begin with the last month or so. I suffered a terrible loss. My grandfather passed away about a month ago and I was really effected by it. My family is really close to our grandparents they have been such great influences in my brothers, sisters, and I lives. I remember last semester I made sure to call my grandparents every week just to check on them. I'm glad my grandfather died of natural causes it gives me peace that it was just his time.

Enough of the sad stuff... I'm down here in Georgia, not too far from Hotlanta! I stay in Marietta. I found a place like the second day I was here. My Agent (it's so cool to say that) set me up in a house with other track people. I live with two guys and one girl , it's funny because I actually live with my coach, our assistant, and a 400 runner. I have what I like to call the Pimp Suite! I pay a little more but I basically have my own apartment and share a kitchen. When I fix it up I'll put up pics. I have a walk-in closet, bath with separate shower/bath plus little room for the toilet and double sink, a huge bedroom and another office room that I'll transform into something else. The rest of the house is really nice too. It has an open kitchen with a small island and a dinning room, family room and an office room on the first floor.

Practice started last week but I went to DC to get my stuff. I spent a great week in DC. Seeing friends and teammates and freshies. I really enjoyed being back in the city that taught me so much about life. I learned how to be an adult there. I wished I could've stayed longer but at the same time I was ready to leave. While I was there I think I touched a lot of people tho :o) it was nice.

So, I started practice this week. The first chapter of a new adventure. I was scared and not looking forward to the first day back. Since I hadn't been doing much but eating and getting fat lol but it wasn't that bad. So far (of two days lol) the workouts aren't really that hard, it's the warm ups that kill me! Our warm ups are soooo long and sooooo much! I have always been against warm ups and these hour long workout warm ups are killing me. It's like do random exercise such as squats, push ups, hurdle rocks, then run 50 meters, repeat with other random exercise. By the time we are done with the warm up I'm worn out! lol Currently, I'm in the sore stage but that doesn't really bother me. I figure I'm working muscles that are getting stronger and Lord knows I need strength (since I skipped out on that part of track lol). Weight room doesn't start until November! I'm happy about that.

I love the professional atmosphere! Everyone is older than me, so I'm like the youngin. Right now the group is small and a lot of the people haven't started yet. So, it's nice to be with a small focused group and a coach and assistant coach who gives everyone a lot of attention. I don't complain (out loud lol) about anything. I just do it and smile at the end. Unlike in college when everything was a negotiation, I miss those days.

I explored the city a little and loved it! I'm definitely going to get out more once I get settled. I wish I knew more people down here but I guess this is a perfect opportunity to make friends :o) I'm currently looking for a job. I'm at this temp agency now. I told them I was training for the Olympics and the two ladies got extra excited. In there office they have a lot of posters of famous runners with quotes. It's awesomely weird to say "I'm training for the Olympics" but hey that's my life lol

Well that's the update for now... thanks for reading... ttyl


  1. Keep up the hard work! Look to see great things in the coming years!!


  2. Wow this is so exciting just to know you even though you are my little sis you are going after your dream. Keep up the hard work it will pay off