Sunday, November 22, 2009

Decisions, Memories, Life

"Time may pass, things may change, but I'll always be a Carver Queen"
- Landria

This week has been a very interesting week for me. Where do I begin...

Well I guess I should start with Track. I've started doing ab workouts, I try to do them daily but I've been slacking a little bit. My core is getting stronger though, it's getting easier to do planks and sit ups and stuff. Low-key I like the feel of the burn! Lol. My leg is completely better now! =) As far as this weeks workouts. Ugh. I'm sad to say I only practiced on Monday. =( But I have a good reason for it!

Tuesday, I went to this program trying to get an internship at either the RNC because I was just trying to get something on my resume! I felt bad because I had to miss my reading buddy program. =( Anyways, the lady at the RNC invited everyone to this intern seminar on Thursday. I talked to her for a little bit after the program and she really liked me a lot and basically said I was in and to give me the application on Thursday at the program.

Wednesday, I was running around trying to get everything together for the seminar. I had to get business cards, my hair done (because it was a straight mess!) and a suit. Sad to say I didn't have a suit... smh... I had tons of business casual stuff but no suits. I def need to step my professional game up! Mom sent money so I could get my hair done because she didn't want me up in there looking a hot mess.

Thursday, rolls around and I'm extra nervous and excited. The seminar was cool and informative. So, after she takes me and a few other students on a tour of the RNC. It was nice in all and everyone there was extra nice and sweet and they even gave us gifts. I gave her the application at the end and she seemed really excited. I mean technically I'm a independent voter. I'm conservative when it comes to money but very very liberal with my social views; gay marriage, abortion, against the death penalty, all that! I'm a strong believer and letting people "live their lives." I mean all I would do is plan parties and meetings and stuff like that. So, that's why I wasn't at practice this week. I was trying to get my post-grad life together.

Now, in regards to the quote. I use to be a Carver Queen <3!> At Howard we have different dorms and one of them is a male's dorm called Carver. I really only knew Carver boys so they called the girls Carver Queens. As time passed and we became Sophomores I went off and started focusing on Track, while they started a G-DUB movement. They had their annual Thanksgiving dinner this past Saturday. I went and it was nice reconnecting with old friends and talking about yesteryear. Freshman year was crazy! It was even better to see friendships mended. I always hated being the friend in the middle! Man, I'm really about to graduate. I adore some of the freshmen trying to get on, some of them are extra sweet. It was slightly awkward being surrounded by strangers... but it was kool. Even though I'm not in G-DUB, I'll always consider myself a Carver Queen... Lol... Extra Throw back. =)

Well, that's what I've been up to. I look forward to practice and Thanksgiving =). Ttyl.

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