Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A New Start

"Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them."
-William Shakespeare

Thought I'd start it off with a quote =). So, it's a new season! My last one as a collegiate athlete! I can't say it isn't a bittersweet moment, time does fly. Anyways, my last 3 seasons weren't the best. Sure, I've had great moments, experienced things people dream of, some only experience once in a lifetime, and others never experience but... I think they could've been better lol. Here's a brief summary of my past seasons.

Freshman year- I ran the 100 meter hurdles. I made it to regionals and had a p.r. (personal record) of 13.55. I placed 2nd in the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC)

Sophomore year- I ran the 100 meter hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles. I placed 2nd in the 100 meter hurdles and 1st in the 400 meter hurdles in MEAC. I qualified for Regionals for both events. I became All-Region in the 100 hurdles and qualified for Nationals. I placed 9th at Nationals became All-American. Qualified for the Olympic Trials!! Placed 26th at the Olympic Trials. Had a P.R. of 13.24 in the 100 hurdles. I made the World List for the 100 hurdles.

Junior year- I ran the 100 meter hurdles and the 400 meter hurdles. I was injured all season. I wore tape on my leg from January until Regionals and didn't practice in between. I placed 3rd in the 100 meter hurdles and 1st in the 400 meter hurdles in MEAC. Qualified for Regionals in both events and became All-Region in both. I qualified for Nationals in both. I placed 10th in the 100 hurdles and 12th in the 400 hurdles. P.r.'d in the 400 hurdles with a time of 57.88! I qualified for USA's in the 400 hurdles but due to a retard head coach I was unable to compete. I also made the World List for Both events!

And now that leaves us here... Senior Year! Hopefully, I'll be able to sign a deal and get to become a professional Track and Field athlete and travel the world! But before we can get to that, I have to start with... Practice!

I don't have the best record of actually working hard. I don't like to practice unless we are practicing hurdles and I don't even know what a w-e-i-g-h-t-r-o-o-m is??? Lmao! But this year I'm going to try and get everything together because I have BIG GOALS!!!

True Life: I'm a * TrackStar *

P.S. It's not going to be JUST about track... but mostly

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  1. This is too true! You are a little foreign to many days of practice, and I don't know how you do it. You are truly blessed with tremendous talent and I hope you take advantage of it this year so you can capitalize on your worth. Plus it will bring up your stock to the Apparel companies that we need those $$ from, but we already talked about that, lol. Love ya