Thursday, November 12, 2009

If it's Not One Thing... It's Another

"The difference between men who succeed or fail is their ability to handle pressure."

-Edwin Louis Cole

I decided I'm going to start every blog with a quote! This quote by Edwin Louis Cole is so true. In the world of Track and Field (or any other sport lol) if you can't handle pressure, you will never be great. Imagine, standing at the line with the fastest runners in the Country, at one of the biggest meets in the Nation, on National television, with hundreds of people in the stands, and all you're trying to do is qualify to the next round. Well I've experienced it... 7 times. It's one of the most nerve racking experiences, but the most thrilling at the same time! Had I let the pressure get to me... I don't know what would've happened. Lol.

Anyways, a few days ago at practice I was running late to my reading buddy volunteer program and I had decided to bring my dog to practice that day. I was suppose to be at the program at 5:30 and when I finished practice my coach said it was 5:20. The gate to the parking lot was locked and I knew it was going to take me at least ten minutes to walk all the way around. So, what do I do??? I decide to hop the gate... smh. Bad Idea! Very Bad Idea! So, my first attempt is a no go. I get all the way to the top and as I'm trying to figure out how I should go about getting down, I lose my balance. I start falling backwards and my leg gets caught in between the two bars. The second attempt goes perfectly! But after I'm over the gate and heading to the car my right leg is just not feeling right. I decide to keep it moving and worry about it later. It's still hurting =( Hopefully it's just sore and not an injury... If it still hurts on Monday I'll go to the trainers.

On another note, practice today was cool. I really need to work on my core and hit the weights. I decided I won't be going to the athlete weight room this year because the times don't fit in my schedule. I'm going to the other one... but I've yet to do so. I think I'm going to start tomorrow because I really can't just be skipping out this year. Not only am I going to go to the weight room I'm going to hit the pool too. My body has been aching something serious! It hurts just to touch my back, and my quads are screaming for attention. If I still feel some kind of way after the pool I'll ask DeAnna (Trainer) to give me a deep tissue. I like her, she's really nice! It's not a hassle to get any work done from her, you don't have to beg and plead or whine, like you have to do with some of the other trainers.

I might O.D. on the blog right now but I can bet you the days between me blogging will grow farther and farther apart but I'm going to try and stay up on it. Ttyl =)

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