Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Little Somethin Somethin

I said this blog wouldn't just be about track. So, I write Spoken words and poems from time to time. Here's one I wrote about running.


She said it feels like breathing for the first time.

Every time she feels the wind kiss her face,
The music in her ear, keeping her on pace.

She takes long strides and clears the thoughts from her mind.

She doesn’t even like to run and hates to sweat,
But everyday she gets up, and takes her first breath.

Like the commercials say, Running knows,
Running knows her troubles and eases her stress.

She runs hard and long,
No destination is set.
Just the pace,
And that changes to the music.

She isn’t running to anything,
But she is running away,
Away from the doubts and fears,
Away from the lies and tears.

She runs until she can’t run anymore,
Til her lungs burn and her legs are numb,
Til her body aches,
And she doesn’t know how much more she can take.

She runs away from her regrets,
From her past, and her future,
From her worries, and the pressure,

From the world.

She runs from tears not cried,
decisions not made,
And paths not chosen.

She runs until she can’t feel the pain anymore.

There’s no job,
No schedules, No demands,
No pressure, No lectures.
Just the ground and her steps.

There are no crowds,
No voices to cheer her on,
No cheerleaders to give her water.
There is no one.

Just her.
The music.
Her sweat.
Her heartbeat.

And her first breath.

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  1. this is hot i like this and this is so true track and field makes u forget all ur problems.

    Aaron Hawkes